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Satyaraji (born, Kiersten Ann Dunkel), means Queen of Truth. As a designer, writer, and teacher, Satya's approach to expressing and sharing Universal Truth takes many forms and mediums.  From the age of two, she began her lifelong relationship with the pencil – finding freedom as an artist and then developing into a writer and designer.  Though born in the American south, Satya also had the privilege of living in a diverse range of environments throughout her life – including Tunisia, Argentina, England, and New York City. Her travels and experiences abroad unfolded the understanding of human interconnectedness and fueled the motivation to be of service to others. 


A dedicated practitioner of yoga for 12+ years and a dancer in her youth, Satya also pursued fashion design and holds a BFA in Integrated Design from Parsons, School of Design in NYC. Upon realizing that fashion could not satisfy her deepest desire to create true meaning for herself and others, she ventured east to Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha, packing everything she owned into two suitcases. There, she completed her certification to teach Classical Sanatan Yoga at the Nepal Yoga Academy in Nagarkot, Nepal. Satyaraji now teaches techniques for the art of self-transformation – integrating the practical and the philosophical methods for embodying true freedom, creative power, and purpose in life.