Erin Flockhart


As an individual with a lifelong passion for fitness and running, Erin took up yoga as a means to find a balance physically with the training she was doing. Erin ended up becoming passionate about heated vinyasa power yoga and subsequently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Heather Rems Korwin at Sanctuary Power Yoga. This style of vinyasa yoga focuses on the mind-body connection in correlating movement in conjuction with the breath. Erin found this to be a sort of "meditation in motion" and much more than a physical practice. Erin also trained with Tiffany Cruikshank in her Yoga Medicine program where she completed a (60) hour module in Myofascial Release. Erin is presently undergoing further training with Heather Rems Korwin to complete her 500 hour yoga teacher training certification and wants to further her education and training in yoga. Erin hopes to encourage others to find ease in correlating breath with movement and looks forward to inspiring others to keep learning and growing. Erin organizes the community class at Charym where new yoga teachers can practice teaching and sequencing in a safe supportive space. Erin is passionate about the outdoors, movement, nutrition, learning, and her husbands three yellow labs.